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The Foundation Of Your Engine From Borowski Race Engines

The Foundation Of Your Engine From Borowski Race Engines Part I

September 17, 2021 Wayne Scraba 0

Borowski Race Engines has earned itself a pretty big reputation as builders of thumping LS engines. Those LS powerplants cover the spectrum from “mild” mannered 600+ examples all the way up to full tilt twin turbo jobs producing 3500 or so horsepower. In part one of a three part series, we explore the foundation of these amazing engines.

Call it the NASCAR Cup Series

NASCAR Tweaks its 2022 Cup Schedule

September 15, 2021 Anne Proffit 0

NASCAR made voluminous changes to its 2021 schedule in the hopes of creating more interest in younger and less-traditional fans, keeping the old guard happy and allowing teams to work at different venues.

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